From Hell’s heart, I stab into my Kobe steak. For hate’s sake, I eat every last bite of it.

I don’t even like meat, so the delicacy is pearls before swine. I’d rather have my daily ration of synthetic protein. The AI nutritionists are great at tailoring it to my genome to keep me feeling fit and happy. One of my friends isn’t so lucky; his tailored diet makes him break out in a rash. He’s spent days filing paperwork to get it fixed, but the bureaucracy hasn’t done shit.

I may not like the blackmarket steak, but it’s the only way left for me to fight back. I’m just one small man against a giant mob, so my resistance can only be small and petty.

They want to tear down Martin Luther King! Can you believe that? Not the man himself, of course. He’s been dead for a hundred years. They’re tearing down his statue in DC.

They say he was complicit in a brutal, murderous industry. That he didn’t just stay silent on animal rights, but he was a meat-eater himself. That he could’ve taken a stand against the enslavement and murder of billions of animals, but he chose to be part of the problem.

Yeah, fine, that’s all true. Does that make him any less of a hero, though? He led the American people to a kinder, more perfect society. He may have been a product of 20th century values, but he was still a great man.

I know what will happen if I say this stuff in public. Every night the teleblogs play footage of gangs of “heroic” young activists beating helpless species-ists who still eat meat or just defend the practice. Journalists praise them as standing up to human oppressors. Seems to me like they’re standing on top of the broken, bloody bodies of the “oppressors.”

I don’t hate animals, and I don’t want them all to die. I’m glad our society has evolved past that. But I don’t want to spit on the heroes of the past just because they were rooted in the culture of their time. Otherwise, who will stand up for our heroes when future generations judge them?

Armchair historian, working class philosopher.

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